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Sharing your stories with the world gives you credibility and helps build a better industry image.

We are committed to helping you and the industry get the word out, so we are offering you one Free FEATURED Upgrade of any listing you have (or will have) if you submit a story or article that will be published on our site. Submit two stories, get two upgrades….
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Your story does not have to be related to PROPERTY ZONE and we are not looking to take any credit. In fact we will put all your contact details up and give you full credit (if you want us to). We will also promote your story on Facebook and Twitter and notify our subscribers of a new story.
Articles must be unique. (You cannot copy an article from the internet and send it to us. We can do that too!) If you have written something related, or have an opinion or other informative information please send it in.
Submissions must be at least 300 words or a testimonial video.
Please take a look at the Stories and Articles we have already published to get an idea of what we are after.

Why is it a good idea to share a story?

Our visitors are looking at your profile. They want to know who they are dealing with and what is your background. If you can show our buyers that you have produced positive results for other people, you are automatically increasing your chances of a quick sale.
Our people are concerned over having a SAFE & TRUSTED HANDS to entrust thier home purchases and investments. We want to show Nigeria and Diasporas that there are hundreds of families that have benefited from the safest and peaceful way of buying a home and investing through us.

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