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Seasoned Real Estate Professionals

PROPERTY ZONE – RC 1366520, is a Nigeria based established Limited Liability Company duly incorporated with the sole mandate and expectations of delivering world-class real estate services and real estate investments planning.
We are a real estate professionals and also marketing company that works directly with owners selling and renting properties, to give them a specific edge to quickly find a buyer. We promote and market properties for owners and then connect them with potential buyers and realtors who have clients that are interested. Our business model includes an online marketing strategy that gives open access to all estate brokers in Nigrria which can sell any of our marketed properties.
We broadcast the properties through our vast network of local realtors who can then turn around and sell any of our properties. Our service benefits realtors by providing them with up to date inventory lists supplied directly from owners. By searching the available housing inventory in Nigeria, realtors can efficiently and easily scan our marketed property listings. It saves realtors from the hassle of having to search for properties from different sources, as well as the time and the energy it takes to market properties to prospective clients.
All of our properties are conveniently accessible via our website; tablet or mobile devices. Our listing descriptions provide detailed specs as well as photos and videos of each listing. Agents can create personal accounts to save their favorite listings, send them to clients and share them via social media.
Most of our clients are English-speaking foreigners. We also handle the translations and transactions between the owners and the agents to schedule and coordinate showings, inspections, provide information, and connect with attorneys.
Our service works well for realtors that don’t have time to maintain an up to date website and create their own marketing materials, search and market individual properties. Not only do we take the hassle out of searching for owner direct properties, but our clients offer a low percent direct commission fee of the sales price to the selling realtor with no splits. Don’t worry our marketing fees are paid by the owner.
We work closely with brokers and realtors to facilitate the showing  for their clients very easily and provide all direct communication between the seller eliminating the need for dealing with sellers. From our services both the buyer and seller benefit tremendously especially in an area dominated by foreign capital. We create a streamlined process that takes the hassle out of purchasing and selling properties abroad.
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Pooled Accountability Doctrine (PAD)

At PROPERTY ZONE, we believe that success of any venture relies on the responsibility of each and every entity associated with it and within it. Understanding the same, we have instigated and we follow a company-wide principle of Shared Responsibility Principle or Pooled Accountability Doctrine. This helps us to inscribe into the mind of all people working with us elevated sense of commitment to be more responsibility-driven and inspired.


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