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At  PROPERTY ZONE, your choiced real estate service provider, we guarantee not just best services experience but an experience filled with trust, value, satisfaction, happiness and peace of mind all through the way…

PROPERTY ZONE displays property listings for sale or rent using the latest in web technology, which you can search, research and review multiple properties directly from the comfort of your living room, or on-the-go with a mobile device. Our property listings feature detail information, multimedia, and Geo-targeting mapped locations. With our website you can view the properties, the neighborhoods, and nearby businesses without ever getting in a car. When you are ready to see the property, contact us and we will schedule you a private showing or get you connected with the Listing Agent. It’s that simple and easy! PROPERTY ZONE has an exclusive partnership with the numerous networks, which syndicate our properties listings on a network of 70 or more top rated global websites to deliver maximum worldwide exposure in over 36 Countries to more than 100 million potential viewers. We also broadcast our properties to social media outlets, group chats, and extensive subscriber lists. We deliver your property directly into the hands of thousands of real estate professionals and investors boosting your property sales exposure and bringing you a flood of potential clients. We have worked hard to provide an all-in-one real estate marketing service to help you achieve maximum results all the time. In addition, our company can help with relocation, construction, financing, banking, management and more. At PROPERTY ZONE, we know that each of our clients is different that is why we provide custom real estate marketing solutions to fit everyone’s needs.
PROPERTY ZONE is able to provide diverse proven management strategies with a direct hands-on approach to generate results faster for our real estate clients. As Nigeria’s economy remains strong and real estate markets in the popular areas of Nigeria Cities become increasingly popular, it is inevitable that growth in various sectors of Nigeria are now attracting the attention of foreign real estate developers and investors. Most real estate property investors are seeing an annual rate of return at 7-9%. Because of the hot rental market in Nigeria. We offer strategic project management services for property owners that want a hassle free solution for renting and managing their residential or commercial property. Our network of service providers allows us to select the right contractors to help maintain and manage your property, while minimizing over all costs. This unique alliance of partners gives us the ability to resolve all of your needs under one umbrella of services, including inspections, landscaping, utilities connections and payments, furniture shopping, lighting, cleaning, and maintenance. Our cutting edge marketing system allows us to quickly rent your property. Then coordinate with you so that all your property management needs can be handled under one complete service. Please contact us for more information regarding our property management services.Add Content
PROPERTY ZONE has been offering strategic real estate marketing and consulting services in Nigeria for over seven years to a variety of international and local clients. We have connected many clients together with our basket of preferred new age marketing techniques, guaranteed to ensure faster results. We can properly execute a custom tailored marketing plan for all clients of real estate in Nigeria, by using our proven marketing system which utilizes the best practices to help promote your property with online, social media and coordinated broker strategies. The majority of our experience has been providing clients of real estate properties with the strategies they need to quickly and effectively target the specific sales demographic. Our use of cutting edge website technology and syndication efforts makes it possible for real estate clients to enjoy a more targeted marketing program. Our company has an alliance with a network of dedicated partners to effectively cut your marketing cost by combining all services together. This allows us to create innovative graphic designs for print and presentations, property renderings, websites with lead generation software, and virtual tour videos. Using the best technology in the real estate industry of marketing, management and sales we provide our clients with complete automation of customer relations and statics which allows you to successfully keep track of your marketing funds.
Our group has many years experience consulting on real estate construction projects in the country of Nigeria. Over the years our project management experience has given us a the inside edge to the best contractors, builders, banks and wholesale materials. We have assembled a team of certified professionals that can assist our clients with a variety of construction projects with time saving knowledge to cut down on the overall construction cost. Our team of professionals includes architects, engineers, builders, contractors, interior design and landscaping. We even have direct connections with the local banks for the construction financing to make sure your project gets off the ground. We can provide our clients with everything they need in order to eliminate the hassles one faces with starting a construction process in most prominent areas. Our project management team works to ensure that your construction project is completed in a timely manner and coordinates between contractors and local authorities to make sure all your approvals are obtained with out headaches. looking to maximize their real estate project start up time. Building new homes in Nigeria is what many of our clients require because of certain regulation and penalty’s within residential communities. Our team specializes in new home constructions and has the contractors to help with small services such as remolding, upgrades, or installations of pools, fences, lighting and fans, air conditioning, driveways and additions. For large real estate developers we can assist them with major infrastructure and earth movement, including roadways, treatment plants, aggregate materials and building supplies. We also dedicate our firms departments of sales, legal, marketing, engineers and finance teams to help our clients get the most out of their investment. From the beginning of the project to the final moment when all the tasks are completed, we have the network of professionals who will get the job done. Contact us today for a confidential meeting to discuss any of the related services mentioned above.
Our excellent relationship with the banking industry in Nigeria allows us to easily guide you to the most friendly of local banks, where we can help you open your personal and business accounts, facilitate a mortgage for your real estate purchase, or assist you with any of your investment needs. In Nigeria, the banks consider it not as a right but a privilege to open an off-shore bank account. We can help ensure that you have the proper documentation to do this prior to your arrival.Our company can facilitate in finding you the best options for certified deposits and local securities at excellent rates. Nigerian banks are easing restrictions on lending to foreigners. Non-citizens qualify for up to 70% financing of the purchase price with a few restrictions related to term of loan and age. Obtaining a mortgage loan in Nigeria will help establish a credit base for any future financing in Nigeria. Nigerian banks do not report loans to your home country credit report or use the outside agency’s. When applying for a loan or mortgage, the bank will ask you for a number of documents detailing your financial background. It is imperative that you provide them with everything they ask for as any missing documents will cause a delay in the approval process. Once the client has satisfied all of the banks documentation requirements, there is a 14 day turnaround on approvals. During this 10 working days period, the bank’s credit committee will analyze your case based on your income and repayment abilities. Once approved, a loan term sheet will be issued by the bank for the buyers review. If the buyer agrees to the loan, he or she signs the term sheet, returns it to the bank, and is issued an irrevocable promissory letter for the loan amount approved. We have helped many investors with their offshore portfolio goals with our basket of comprehensive consulting services. Contact us today for a confidential meeting to discuss your next investment opportunity.
When doing business offshore, it is best to work with a reputable firm that can help you expedite the most important factors of your business’s needs. Saving time and money is very difficult when starting a project in a foreign country. By utilizing PROPERTY ZONE’s services, you can guarantee that your investment or real estate project will develop very quickly and efficiently. With our firm, you can accomplish all of your business needs in one place with a trusted group of professionals. We can guide you with documentation needed for immigration to Nigeria including opening bank accounts, setting up corporations or choosing the right attorney to make your permanent move to Nigeria quick and hassle free. We ensure that you have the proper documentation needed before you get to Nigeria and direct you to an competent lawyer who is skilled in making this transition flow easy. Our firm specializes in relocation services and feature directing and managing the process of moving, including arranging for the necessary documents, finding new accommodations, and helping you with all the necessary details. We recommend only the best licensed professionals to help assist you in setting up a corporation, including real estate attorneys and financial bank advisers. They will help you through the red tape of paperwork to complete all the steps necessary to abide with the proper government agencies and laws. Providing relocation and business assistance with real estate in Nigeria is just one of our many services we provide. We connect you with the appropriate professionals necessary to accomplish your goals. Utilizing our vast knowledge of business operations in Nigeria we can help with your foreign offshore relocation or business needs with everything in one consulting group.
PROPERTY ZONE is a consulting firm that provides a variety of exclusive, comprehensive services to the discerning real estate client. We can assist developers, savvy investors and real estate customers with management, marketing, and consulting. There is an abundance of options for investing in real estate in Nigeria. Sometimes it can be very difficult to make a decision, especially if you have never visited an area yourself. The logistics of organizing this type of trip can be overwhelming if you have never been to Nigeria or have a tight time frame. To help you overcome many of these problems, we provide quality Nigeria real estate tours that offer comfort and ease in helping you explore your real estate investment options in Nigeria. Through our project management services, we aid in planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources, procedures and protocols with your real estate project. We look at the scope of the project, time management, the different costs involved, the quality of the real estate you are purchasing, the procurement of your new investment, and mediate communication between the seller and buyer or vice versa. We are able to facilitate the completion of your project for you. Our sales and marketing services are responsible for establishing, promoting, and maintaining your real estate investment to generate business. We develop strategies and execute tactics that communicate the desirability of your property and match you with potential clients. Business development is the creation of long-term value for an organization from customers, markets, and relationships. PROPERTY ZONE helps clients find reputable real estate owners and promote a healthy relationship between the buyer and seller. We can also connect you with properties that are ready to be developed for commercial or industrial use. Whether looking for a property to construct a business on, or planning on adding some infrastructure to an area, we will link you to the best properties with the lowest prices. Our superior knowledge in market conditions combined with our alliance network of certified professionals gives our clients an edge in conducting all their business needs with one consulting group. If you require specialized real estate services, or would like to promote property, please contact us today for a free consultation.

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